Accessories Interior Pendants Lamp that Unique and Beautiful By Lukas Dahlén

The best example of the design of pendantsthe chandelier
Swedish designer that is Lukas Dahlén has successfully design a pendant lamp ori to the interior living room accessories. We all know that origami is a artwork from Japanese of paper made of, but who would have thought idea of origami artwork can be applied to the interior design of decorative lights.

The chandelier with black origami ornaments
With sheet metal as the main ingredient to make the frame pendant lamp, all design look unique and beautiful lamp. In making the shape and concept of the decorative lights this, designers also fully understand and explore the structure, style and model to be applied in the designing.
The chandelier with silver origami ornaments
With a lot of experimenting and seeing how to make origami, finally able to create a unique decorative lighting and attractive. With a lampshade made of gold brass and lighting patterns downward so that these lights are very bright and produce an amazing light.
The chandelier with white origami ornaments
With a thin metal so that manufacture lamp this very easy to applied in the form and pattern that resembles a work of art of origami. To complete the perfection of the design of this lamp, then the color of the main lights is also made different. The options available are black, white and silver. With these lights, the interior rooms looks special and exciting, this being the tips in our designed and beautify the rooms with pendants.


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