Beautiful and Luxury Bathroom with Marmer Stone Aplication

classy and beautiful interior bathroom with marble
Marble is now not only used as a craft or for decoration only, but now the marble can be used as an application for walls, floors, sink, and so forth. Along with the development the times, the marble can functioned as a decoration on the walls, furniture, and flooring or glass elements. Shapes and colors of marble are also more varied.

beautiful marble furniture chair and futuristic
The design of beautiful bathroom this, all materials and furniture that is in use in the dominance of the marble. A bathroom classy and luxurious this has a large enough room size, so that in arranging and decorating the room is not too difficult. The designer Bev Adams has managed to integrate the design of the marble bathrooms are beautiful and romantic.
picture sample bathroom with glass aplication
The decor is beautiful and pretty with a classic feel makes the room look stunning, the shape of building facades and ceilings white is able to present the bright shades from in the room. In the corner of the room placed a dressing table and sink with a classical model clad in marble and is equipped ornaments such as flower vases and hanging lamps are very compact and neat. The bathroom door made ​​of glass is also very  contrast with the marble wall applications, so the bathrooms looks bright and luxurious.


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