Accessories Wall Rooms Beautiful and Neat with Big Shelves

Luxury and beautiful interior design with application of the big shelf
Has a large and luxurious house is the dream of every person, a house that has a wide enough room must be really good at designing and managing interior decoration room. By having a large room and spacious rooms, we are not difficult in give an accessory or accent in terms of complement and beautify the interior room.

Best example modern interior decorating a spacious room
In decorating a room we also have to consider several aspects such as the value of building construction, the right furniture and colors. The designer from Italy who is also engaged in the production of furniture and interior decorating has successfully design a spacious interior with a great rack stylish modern. Thanks to the design concept of Alf da Fre makes the room looks beautiful and stylish.
Beautiful interior design the lounge with uniquely lights
By placing a large shelf full of artistic and style the walls on the room as well as some supporters of furniture so the room looks neat and contained. In addition to the shelf that served to decorate the room, it also functioned as a place to put some electronic goods, vases of flowers, magazines and books, and many more.
Minimalist and modern furniture sofa
With not playing a lot of color, the room looks bright with the use of transparent and white colors on walls and sliding doors made of glass. Furniture sofa table and a modern style and futuristic the make the room look luxurious and glamorous. Functioned as a space to relax it in the room is equipped with a variety of entertainment equipment, this is seen like a television, computer, some books, etc all neatly arranged on a beautiful shelf.
Elegant and neat placement of the rack in the living room
This is a reference and a good idea for you in the future in decorating the interior of your home that has a fairly wide area, in order for your home look beautiful and stylish.


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