Unique Design The Wardrobe Wood with Ceramic Polished By Coprodotto

Unique and eccentric design ideas kitchen cabinets
Unique and eccentric this cabinets named Keramos, where Adriano Design and La Castellamonte who gave the name of this tiny closet. In a partnership in creating furniture that is rare or not easily imitated by others, Adriano Design and La Castellamonte has managed to design a kitchen cabinet design.

Design beautiful kitchen cabinets with a blend of wood and ceramics
Innovation that always developed by the designers really make these cabinets look unique and beautiful blend of ceramic and wood cabinet doors make this cabinet looks very smooth and stylish.
Minimalis and modern design cabinets
All panels and finishing of wood very smooth and evenly, it can be seen from the process of making, sanding until the final stages. Production of ceramic that has been done by La Castellamonte of time to time with a very long process has resulted in quality products made of ceramic that high-value.
Finishing the wood is smooth and evenly from designs cabinet KERAMOS
Model and form this cabinet furniture also a varies of ranging from shape box, refrigerator shape, and form a rectangular box. All design and cabinet models come with a variety of cabinet color display that makes it more beautiful.


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